A lot of people are still finding it difficult to put themselves together and move on with life and things generally after the shocking news that all active accounts of the MMM ponzi scheme have been frozen.The accounts have only been frozen to allow the administration of the scheme make some changes because of the anticipated heavy load on the platform next year.People have been pondering Why this time ? how ?  but these questions are not half as important as the question "WHAT NOW". How do you move forward financially.You know there are still things you can do,you know there is light at the end of the tunnel,you know there are answers out there,deep inside you,know you can still have a good year end and a better new year financially but the question you keep asking is HOW ?...

      No matter how you look at the MMM account freezing situation there is no better option than moving on and hoping for the best from the Mavrodi scheme next year.There are open doors that lead to brighter and more promising financial future with other platforms but the automatically conditioned response from you if i guess right will be "why should i trust or invest in another scheme when the mighty Mavrodi scheme let me down when i needed them most" or something more direct like "here we go again,another platform destined for doom" and the anti-money making schemes folks will argue that no get rich quick platform is good but does that mean no scheme can make you rich without giving you problems.People have asked for my opinion and some have questioned why i have not recommended some platforms that they are working and making money from and i have always explained to them that the criteria for the schemes we recommend are stability and long term vision for the participants of the schemes and although the platforms they have mentioned may be paying them but they are do not possess the qualities that will make us recommend them to our readers yet.Maybe they will improve with time.There are good and safe money making platforms that you can still make money from now rest assure they are the best and of course you can start little and take bigger steps with time.we can write about a lot of platforms but we can never afford put your finance at risk.
Why wait ? with INSTANTPAY you can get paid several times daily either as a regular member or as an agent and ICHARITY is also doing a good job.These two platforms with any other thing you do for your finance will really improve your finance.Make the best of both platforms.

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